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Cape Clasp

Shark Tracker GWS Clasp

Shark Tracker GWS Clasp

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With a purchase of this clasp, you will have access to the AWSC Shark Tracking app, Sharktivity, to start monitoring the movements of the tagged sharks. The Great White is probably the most well-known and iconic shark to swim the seven seas. This misunderstood mammoth may have a bad reputation, but don’t judge this shark by its bite. The great white is a fascinating aquatic creature and here at Cape Clasp, we’ve been fortunate enough to examine these incredible animals up close with the help of one of our non-profit partners, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

Features: Shark piece measures about 1-inch in length. Blue coated stainless steel ready for ocean wear. Marine-grade accessory cord for durability. One size fits all. Free drawstring bag for transportation. Thank you for helping Cape Clasp.

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